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Make Beliefs Comix, a useful tool

mars 6, 2013

I think that one of the best ways to get the students interested and involved in a project is to stimulate their creativity. I recently had the chance to attend a seminar with Mr. José Pinard that discussed this issue. During the seminar, he presented some great electronic tools that can be used in a classroom to interest the students while they practice their writing skills. One of the programs he presented was Make Beliefs Comix, an interactive Internet site that can be used to create your own comic strip.

After experimenting the program by myself, and reading on the subject, I found several positive reasons to use of Make Beliefs Comix in a classroom.

Stimulates creativity

Students love to use their imagination. It is totally possible to do so with this program because there are absolutely no restrictions. It is possible to use any type of character, and place them in any kind of situation. Let your students be creative with Make Beliefs Comix.

Free & Easy

This is a totally free program; it does not require any specific licence. It is possible to access the site with any computer or tablet as long as you have an Internet access.


The usage of this software does not require any kind of specific computer skills. It is very easy to use and after only a few minutes, the students are going to be very familiar with the different functions. Because of this characteristic, students of all ages and of different levels can use Make Beliefs Comix.


It is possible to write comic strips in different languages. Yes it is a helpful tool to teach English as a second language, but since you can use any language, it is possible to adapt the content of the activity to any kind of class.

Also, the types of activities that can be performed with this site are infinite. Of course you can let the students chose their topics and talk about whatever they want, but it is also possible to give more specific instructions to make them practice different things. Here is a list of the different types of activities that are possible to perform.


To conclude, during his presentation, Mr. Pinard talked about several sites to create stories such as Storybird & Storyjumper. Because of its convenient features and its user-friendly characteristics the site Make Beliefs Comix was my favourite one.


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